Optical character recognition (optical character reader, OCR) is the conversion of images of typed or printed text into machine-encoded text from a scanned banknotes, checks, tickets, etc.

Check Solutions
TITO (Voucher) Management

OCR software often "pre-processes" images to improve the chances of successful recognition.  Techniques include De-skew, Despeckle, Binarisation, Normalise aspect ratio and scale, and so on.

2. Character recognition

OCR algorithm produces a ranked list of candidate characters.

3. Post-processing

OCR accuracy can be increased if the output is constrained by a lexicon – a list of words that are allowed to occur in a document.

4. Forcing better input

Special fonts like MICR fonts, with precisely specified sizing, spacing, and distinctive character shapes, allow a higher accuracy rate during transcription. These should be used in handling checks and tickets with MICR.

Transfer of OCR Info

After successfully capturing, extracting intended info, banknote counter has two choices to send the info.

One is a printer.  Images and texts info can be instantly printed.

The other is a PC.  Images and texts info can be stored and searched later when necessary.



Comparison of Serial Number

Composite note is a counterfeit made of pieces of genuine notes.  Because it is made of genuine notes, traditional counterfeit detecting technology may not work.

SNC (Serial Number Comparison) is a function to detect composite note by comparing serial numbers on one banknote.


Barcode Reading (TITO, Voucher)


Many places like Casino, Theatre, But Terminal has to store the electronic copy of tickets.

Together with management SW, banknote counter, which can analyze barcode, MICR, etc,  can improve efficiency dramatically.

TITO (Voucher) Management System
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