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Ticket Manager
Do you have to handle tons of banknote-sized papers to capture their images and extract necessary informations such as barcode, MICR, some characters, numbers, etc.

We can help you.  Our solution can process not only banknotes but also whatever banknote-sized papers .

Custom Formats can be processed.

High Speed (600~1200 pieces per minute)

PC application is included.  It can store and search images and decoded information.

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Your Own Format

You have your papers with own format, which you have to scan its images and extract specific info like the MICR info in the red circle.

We can provide a machine, which can process your papers, sending successfully processed pieces to a stacker and unsuccessful pieces to reject pocket.


Tickets Management SW


You can download scanned images into PC.

At PC, you can

  1. See the full images (at SB-3000 and SB-5000) or the image area of your interest (at SB-9, SB-2000, SB-3000 and SB-5000).
  2. Search the decoded text information.
  3. Export the images and text information to Microsoft Excel file format.

Seeing is Believing

See the demo.

Steps to test with you own paper

1. Scan & Send your paper

Please go to your scanner.   Color-scan your paper.  

If two sides should be processed, please send both sides' images.

Send scanned files and your contact info, using the contact form below.

2. Review & Feedback

We will quickly let you know whether your image can be processed or not.

If not possible to process, we will let you know how you should your format to successfully process your paper.

3. Enjoy

If you already have our machines, we will simply send copyright-protected SW to you through USB stick.  

If you don't have our machines, we will send you the products with the SW installed.

Test with your own ticket, check, etc