• Money counting

Counting the amount of the money is the most important task of a cashier.  Quickly counting the exact amount, detecting counterfeit, pieces of each denomination is impossible without professional banknote counting machine.  1+1 pocket banknote counter must be a choice in this case because 1) its speed is far faster than 1 pocket machine due to its non-stop counting, 2)it counts amount, not pieces, 3)counterfeit detecting HW is better and 4) counterfeit detecting SW can be upgraded.

See why multi pockets for the benefit of multi pockets against single pocket.

SB-9 (1+1 Value Counter)
  • Advertisement

Retailer has to advertise its products and events.   Advanced customer display can replace them in more intelligent way.

See Aurora for more details.

  • Balancing after daily operation

After a daily work finishes, a cashier has to balance her money.   Retrieving transaction info from PC SW and intelligent customer display, which are linked to banknote counter, can make the balancing job quite easy.

Cashier also has to check whether there is another denomination mixed inside a bundle.   1+1 pocket banknote counter with single mode, a mode to sort out different denominations, can make this job done in seconds.


At big retailers, they have to sort many denominations into bundles.  5 pocket machine can be used to quickly process them.

See SB-5000 for more details.

Sorting of notes in one time

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