Currency Exchange has to handle many different kinds of foreign currencies.   To do that, Banknote counter has to quickly count the exact amount, detecting counterfeit, pieces of each denomination.  And it is impossible without the help of professional banknote counting machine.

2 pocket banknote counter must be a choice in this case because 1) its speed is far faster than 1 pocket machine due to its non-stop counting, 2)it counts amount, not pieces, 3)counterfeit detecting sensors are better, 4) counterfeit detecting SW can be upgraded, and 5) can install far more currency software.

See why multi pockets for the benefit of 2 pockets against single pocket.

SB-9 (1+1 Value Counter)
  • Request for real time SW upgrade for Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange has to handle many foreign currencies.  Many denominations of those currencies need to be upgraded on real time basis.  Considering the daily sw upgrade, manual sw upgrade is not possible and inadequate to Currency Exchange.

If foreign currency counter can cooperate with currency exchange's SW, it can improve the security and work efficiency.

See upgrade and MS (Remote Machine Maintenance Syetem) for more details.

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MS (Product Management System)
  • Auto Setting

Usually, a user has to press a button many times to switch to the currency sw he/she wants to use.  Given that Currency Exchange handles a lot of currencies, it is very inconvenient and inefficient to change the currency every time a new customer comes.

Auto Setting is a function, which detects the first bill of the banknotes and then automatically switches the currency sw into the first bill's.   With this function, a user should just put the money on, no need to press any button.

  • Serial Number Capturing

Sometimes, a dispute may happen with customers who argue that they received counterfeit from the Currency Exchange.  If Currency Exchange keeps the serial number of the banknotes which it gives to the customer, such disputes can disappear.  To do that, serial number capturing banknote counter and PC SW is necessary.

  • Blackbox at cashier's desk

There can be another way to prevent a dispute with the customer.

A customer display with CCTV function can help resolve this dispute.  It has a feature like blackbox and records scenes, conversation, and transaction amount, just next to the customer.

Later, when a dispute happens, a cashier can easily look up the recorded data.

See Aurora for more information.


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