MIB-11 is 2 pocket fitness sorter.

It has all the features of MIB-9.

Additional Key Features are

  • Double CIS
  • Excellent Tape detection
  • Serial Number Reading
  • TITO (Barcode Reading)
  • up to 40 currencies SW can be installed
MIB-11 (1+1 2CIS Fitness Sorter, Value counter)
  • Excellent Tape Detection:

Nowadays many counterfeits are made by attaching parts of genuine notes with transparent scotch tape.   Thus, traditional counterfeit detecting technology cannot detect this new counterfeit.

In order to detect such a counterfeit with transparent scotch tape, a very precise tape detecting technology is required.

See Sensors to know more about Thickness Detecting.

MIB-11, SB-3000 and SB-5000 share the same Mechanical Tape Detection module.  It shows performance superior to any other machines.


See Fitness Sorting Criteria for more information.

  • TITO

MIB-11 can extract and sends ocr-decoded text and image of barcode into printer or PC.

It can also handle banknotes and tickets simultaneously.

  • Serial Number

MIB-11 saves and sends images and texts of serial number.

It can extract, print, and store both ocr-decoded texts and images of serial numbers

  • Full integration with existing banking system

MIB-11, like other MIB products, can be seamlessly integrated with existing banking system.   Collection of various information as well as control of the machine (e.g. banknote serial number, machine status, machine SW update, remote control of the machine, etc) is now possible.

  • Demo Video
  • Specification

MIB-11 can handle up to 40 currency mix.

Dimension (WxDxH) 287x348x340

Weight 13 Kg

Power Supply 220V, 50Hz

Hopper Capacity 500 Notes (option 1000 Notes)

Stacker Capacity 300 Notes

Reject Capacity 100 Notes

Counting Speed 1200 NPM in each mode

Display 4.3” color TFT

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