SNR (Serial Number Reading) - SW

We have OCR technologies to capture serial number images and decode them to text information.

Optimized for banknotes' serial number, our solution can give super fast, correct response, irrespective of any platform (OS, CPU, CIS, etc).

Our OCR engine can work even the source image is very low resolution (as low as 50 dpi).

It is given as a DLL (or library) file, which SW developer can easily integrate into their SW.


Development Steps

1. Discussion of HW specs of the customer

We discuss how the original images are created by the customer's machine.

Topics include x y Resolutions, sources of the lights, target currency,   the weighting of each pixel, required speed and so on.

If the required spec can be met, we sign the contract.


2. Aligning calibration result

We provide a sheet to compare how the same brightness of the paper is differently captured in the customer's machine.

With this sheet, we can get an easy but very accurate description of the HW.


3. Providing first-phase OCR SW

OCR SW, calibrated for the customer's HW, is provided instantly.

A customer can test the OCR SW without waiting too long.


4. Fine-tuning

With some failed images, OCR engine is fine-tuned.



Typically, we guarantee 95% success rate, with images whose resolution is above 50dpi (dots per inch) and the smallest character is composed of 30 pixels (dots) at least.

Our OCR can process 800 pieces of banknotes' serial number in ARM11 CPU.  In the more advanced CPU, more pieces can be processed.   Of course, processing pieces also heavily depend on the speed of other peripherals such as memory access time and bus.  Thus the final speed can be higher or lower than 800 pieces per minute.



We clearly know that banknotes change and ongoing program update is mandatory.  Thus we guarantee that we provide ongoing SW upgrade service.



Price is composed of three parts.

  1. Calibration Cost: a one-time cost of 10K USD is charged for adjusting our OCR engine for the customer's target machine.   It usually takes 1 ~ 2 weeks.
  2. OCR engine cost:  it is 100 USD per currency per machine
  3. Maintenance cost: it is an annual payment of 20% of OCR engine cost.


Licensing mechanism:

We have our own very flexible license management SW, which comes with OCR SW.

If a customer is installing OCR engine into PC, the unique ID of LAN card (MAC address), CPU can be used to prove the identity of the machine.

Even though a customer is installing OCR engine other than PC, there would be no problem, if the machine has a unique ID, which can identify the machine.



email to jhpark5404@hyundaimib.com  for the further discussion.