TITO (Voucher, Casino Ticket) Management System

Some banknote counters, together with TITO management PC sw, can handle TITO (tickets, voucher).

  • First, it scans and acknowledges gaming machine ID and amount.
  • Second, it sends scanned images and analyzed ID, amount and so on (customizable on request) into PC.
  • Third, TITO SW (in PC) stores voucher images with analyzed info.
  • Finally, TITO SW (PC program) can send the info to Voucher server.

UI of TITO (Voucher, Ticket) Management System

TITO (Voucher) Management System

See Check Management Solution.

Currently, SB-3000 has TITO management solution.

See the products which can scan tickets.

Thermal paper can have scratch marks if counted with a hard roller.

Please ask your buyer that you will count a tickets of thermal paper, so that a soft roller can be installed for ticket-counting.

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