Cash Center

Cash Center, Cash-In-Transit (CIT)

  • Typical Workflow of Cash Center

Because processing large bulk of cash, cash center is very security-tight and efficiency-oriented working environment.    Its workflow varies case by case, but the typical overall process mostly resembles the following steps.


1st step: Checking the amount of each cash bag

As soon as cash bags come into cash center, each bag is counted to check the amount.  If the amount is incorrect, the bag is returned to the customer.  If correct, it goes to the next step.

To quickly count the total amount, 3 choices are possible: 1 pocket, 2 pocket and 3 pocket solution.

1 pocket machine frequently stops.  For serious cash center, 1 pocket is not a reasonable choice.

2 pocket machine is faster than 1 pocket machine.  When counting large amount, however, 2 pocket machine also has to stop to clear the full pocket.  2 pocket is a good choice to count less than 100 pieces of banknotes at a time.

3 pocket machine is the fastest solution.  When counting large amount, 3 pocket never stops.  Thus, it can process value counting of each customer’s money bag very quickly though the number of pieces far exceed 100 pieces.

SB-9 (1+1 Value Counter)

2nd step: Orientation Sorting (Optional)

Once each bag’s amount is confirmed, the money gets fully under the control of cash center.  And money from all cash bags are mixed together.  Now all denominations are mixed.

If customer want all banknote sorted in one direction, cash center does Orientation Sorting.   All banknotes go into banknote sorter together and sorted in their orientation.   Now all banknotes are in one orientation, though all denominations are mixed.

5 pocket counter is an ideal choice to do Orientation Sorting because there exist 4 orientations: Face Up, Face Down, Bottom Up, Bottom Down.


3rd step: Denomination Sorting

Now each denomination should be sorted.  Ideal number of pockets depends on the number of denominations.   Usually each currency has 4~7 denominations.

For example, for South Korean Won with 4 denominations, a 5 pocket machine to sort 4 denominations would be the best choice.

For USD or EUR with 7 denominations, cash center has 3 choices: one 5 pocket machine, two 5 pocket machines, one 8 pocket machine.

One 5 pocket machine costs least, and ideal if only one operator is allocated for this task.

Two 5 pocket machine costs twice but processing speed doubles.  It is ideal if two operators are allocated for this task.

One 8 pocket machine is fastest solution.  However, it costs 5~10 times more than 5 pocket solutions.  It is best choice if cash processing speed is extremely important and operator’s salary is high enough to invest a lot into very expensive machines.

Sorting of notes in one time

4th step: Fitness Sorting (Optional)

Some customer wants to receive only fit (clean) banknotes to fill in ATM.  In that case, fitness sorting should be done.

There are 3 choices for fitness sorting

2 pocket is cheapest, but slowest because machine stops every 100 pieces of fit notes and rejected banknote should be counted again.  It can be a choice for small bank branch back office, but not recommended to cash center.

3 pocket is more expensive than 2 pocket, but faster because fitness sorting can be done at a time.  However, 3 pocket machine also stops every 100 pieces of fit/unfit notes to empty the full pocket.  This choice is good for cash center where fitness sorting demand is not high.

5 pocket is more expensive than 3 pocket, but fastest because fitness sorting can be done at a time and does not stop at all.  This choice is best for cash center which has to handle large volume of cash.


Large 3-sided customer display

Cash Center records counting scene with many CCTV.    Typical customer display is designed to show the counting information to customers, and thus it has only 1 side and too small to be well-recognized in CCTV.

3-sided LED customer display can be a better choice in cash center.  It is bigger and can be recorded from any sides.

Afficheur simple
Afficheur simple
Afficheur 3 Faces  (front, up)
Afficheur 3 Faces (front, up)
Afficheur 3 Faces  (back, up)
Afficheur 3 Faces (back, up)

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