Check Management System.

Some banknote counters can handle checks too.

In many circumstances, checks should be scanned and stored for reasons.   To do that, expensive check scanner is necessary.

With piece counter and value counter to handle banknotes and check scanner to handle checks, customers have to buy machines for each purpose.

Just like All-In-One consolidating a printer, a scanner, a copy machine, and fax, some banknote counters can consolidate three different products: banknote counter, counterfeit detector and check scanner.

Check Management System
  • Key advantages of Check/Cash management system are
  1. can handle 3 tasks (check scan, cash counting, counterfeit detecting) with product.  It can decrease purchase budget and speed up the task processing time.
  2. by replacing 3 products with 1 product, can save space.
  3. instead of maintaining 3 products, maintaining 1 product is easier.


  • UI flow of Check Management SW
  • Demo Videos

See TITO (Casino Tickets) management system.

Currently SB-3000 has Check management solution.

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