MIB-9 (or SB-9) is 2 pocket high-resolution currency discrimination Counter.


Key Features are

  • World's Smallest Size
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Far Less Jams Due to Shorter Path
  • 4 Machine Readable Counterfeit Detecting Features (Visible Light, IR, UV, MR)
  • OCR
  • Barcode Reading
  • USB key upgrade
  • Remote Upgrade
  • Extraction of Serial Number

P-OCR (OCR in PC): SB-9 sends images and texts of serial number to PC.

S-OCR (OCR in Set): SB-9 sends images and texts of serial number to Printer.

  • Comparison of Serial Number


Composite note is made of genuine notes.  Thus usual detecting technology does not work.

SB-9 has Serial Number Comparison function which detects composite note by comparing serial numbers on one banknote.

  • Barcode Reading


SB-9 can decode barcode and then sends serial number to printer.

It can also count the banknotes and tickets simultaneously.

Thus, it can be very useful at Casino, Theatre, But Terminal, etc.

  • Auto Configuration (no need to press any button)

SB-9 detects currency and denominations of the first banknote, and then automatically configures its setting.  Thus, operators do not need to press any button.

  • Easy upgrade

SB-9 can be easily upgrade with USB memory stick or through internet.

Обновление за 3 секудны
  • Specification

SB-9 can handle up to 10 currency mix.

50+ currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, GBP, RUB, CAD, AUD, etc) are available.

  • Demo Videos


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