Plastic Notes

Plastic banknotes (or polymer banknotes) are getting more popular.

Processing plastic banknotes is more difficult because it has transparent areas to enhance its security.


The transparent area in the polymer note is getting bigger.  To make matters worse, the new $5 Australian dollar (AUD) has a long transparent area from top to bottom.

It is already causing many problems in the business.  Details can be found here.

Polymer note also generates a lot of static electricity, which causes jam inside the machine and makes it hard to separate banknotes.

Good banknote counter has to be able to handle those characteristics of polymer banknotes.

plastic notes

Last but not least important thing you have to consider is...

Whenever a new banknote design is introduced, the size of the transparent area gets bigger.   Some new banknote counters add a couple of more position sensors to count these new issues.   If the size of the transparent area gets bigger and bigger in the future, this quick fix will not work and businesses or banks will have to buy another machine.

Thus, a technology to handle plastic banknotes with big transparent areas is required to handle the future issues.

All the following machines can handle plastic banknotes irrespective of the size of the transparent area.

See the products with a plastic-note-counting feature.

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