Aurora is World's 1st Android-based Smart Custmer Display.


Key Features are

  • 7 inch Display for Counting Info with various format
  • Black box
  • Advertisement
  • Vocal guidance
  • Clock & Calendar
  • 7 inch display for counting info on various format

Aurora has a big 7-inch display, on which it can show total amount, pieces and details counting info.

Aurora (Intelligent Customer Display)
  • Black Box

While counting, Aurora takes pictures of a customer and also records a conversation between the customer and the teller with detailed counting information.

Setting of Aurora:  Aurora is installed to face a customer like typical customer displays


Later, to check the scene of a specific transaction, Aurora can show customer's pictures, conversation with teller and counting details.

Aurora can save up to 2 months' pictures & conversations & counting details in its default 8G byte flash memory.  To keep more information, additional SD card (up to 32G byte, plus another 8 months, 10 months in total) can be added.

  • Advertisement

Aurora can show various format of advertisements on the screen when it does not display the counting details.

It can display almost all video formats (avi, mp4, etc) & image formats (png, jpg, gif, etc)


Playlist management is quite easy.   New advertisement files can be transferred with SD card , and easy drag-and-drop UI is provided to select and reorder files.

  • Vocal Guidance

Aurora can read counting amount in various languages.

  • Clock & Calendar

During idle time, time is displayed.   With customer's touch, Aurora can show the monthly calendar.

  • Specification


  • Demo Videos

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