Different applications of multi-pocket sorters

1 pocket

1 pocket machine can detect unwanted banknote.    When the machine detects the unwanted banknote, however, it stops and the unwanted banknote has to be removed by hand.

It significantly decreases work efficiency.

Thus, 1 pocket machine is not used for sorting purpose, and only for counting usage.    Even in counting, 1 pocket shows lower productivity because counterfeit or unwanted banknote can stop the machine.

2 pocket

2 pocket machine can keep counting the banknotes because it can send the damaged or unwanted banknote to the reject pocket.


Many different configuration is available.


See SB-9 9(1+1 value counter) and SB-2000 (1+1 fitness sorter) for more details of our 2 pocket solutions.

3 pocket

3 pocket machine can do everything 2 pocket machine can do.   With additional stacker pocket, it can separate banknotes into 2 categories at a time.


With additional stacker pocket, non-stop value counting can be realized.


Fitness Sorting can be done more quickly.

why multi pockets?

See SB-3000 (2+1 fitness sorter) for more details of our 3 pocket solutions.

5 pocket

5 pocket machine can do everything 3 pocket machine can do.  With additional pockets, it can separate banknotes into 4 categories at a time.


Denominations up to 4 can be separated at a time, and Denominations up to 8 can be separated in two operations.

Sorting of notes in one time

Face/Orientation Sorting can be done at a time.


Non-stop Fitness Sorting is possible.


Different users have different pocket allocation demands.  Pocket allocation flexibility is another key decision factor of multi-pocket banknote counter.


See SB-5000 (full 5 fitness sorter) for more details of our 5 pocket solutions.

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