SB-5000 is 5 pocket fitness sorter.

It has all the features of SB-3000.

Key Features are

  • World's smallest 5 pocket fitness sorter
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rotatable wheel at the bottom
  • Great Tape Detection performance
SB-5000 (Full 5 fitness sorter)
  • Easy Maintenance

SB-5000 is easy to remove jam and guides how to remove jam with video clip.

  • Convenient Control

SB-5000 has detachable OP cradle.

  • Small installation space

Thanks to its patented rotatable wheels at the bottom, SB-5000 needs smaller operating space.

Малый размер и меньше рабочее пространство
    • Excellent Tape Detection:

    Nowadays many counterfeits are made by attaching parts of genuine notes with transparent scotch tape.   Thus, traditional counterfeit detecting technology cannot detect this new counterfeit.

    In order to detect such a counterfeit with transparent scotch tape, a very precise tape detecting technology is required.

    See Sensors to know more about Thickness Detecting.

    MIB-11, SB-3000 and SB-5000 share the same Mechanical Tape Detection module.  It shows performance superior to any other machines.

  • Specification

SB-5000 can handle up to 12 currency mix.

50+ currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, CNY, GBP, RUB, CAD, AUD, etc) are available.

  • Demo Videos

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