1.TITO (Voucher) management system.

In many nations, Casino has to keep casino tickets (TITO) for many years, and during those years, Casino has to present certain TITO when requested.  Considering huge number of TITO circulated in Casino, it is impossible to store TITO as it is.

Many Casinos keep electronic copy of TITO and destroy its original.  Electronic copy neither needs any saving room nor take much time to find out certain TITO.

See TITO for more details.

TITO (Voucher) Management System

2. Check Management System

In some nations, Casino also has to keep the electronic copy of checks and records who spent that checks.    Casino uses this information for their CRM purpose too.

See Check Management System for more details.

Check Management System

3. multi-pocket sorter

In Casino, many denominations are mixed.  Sometimes different curriencies may be mixed.   Thus, it needs to sort many denominations at a time.  5 pocket sorter can be an ideal choice thanks to its small footprint as well as far economic price than huge multi-pocket sorters.

See SB-5000 for more details.

Sorting of notes in one time
Малый размер и меньше рабочее пространство

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