Depositor is a kind of ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), which specializes in accepting banknotes.

Different from CD (Cash Dispensor), which specializes in accepting banknotes or Cash Recycler, which both accepts and dispenses banknotes, Depositor can accept banknotes more quickly, cheaply, and conveniently.


Depositor CD(Cash Dispensor) Recycler
banknote dispensing X O O
banknote depositing O X O
fitness detection O X X
speed very fast fast slow
capacity very big big small
cost cheap cheap very expensive
application (users) bank customer

store employee

bank customer

store customer

bank customer



Cash Dispensor just emits a piece of note from a designated cassette.  Thus it does not have any authentication/detection features.


Recycler does have a authentication/detection feature but its function is limited.     For example, when a banknote with scotch tape on is being accepted, a typical Recycler cannot detect it and fails to reject it.


Depositor has a most advanced authentication/detection feature.   Furthermore, it has the highest speed and biggest capacity thanks to its structural simplicity.


MIB-D1 is a Depositor.

As an acceptor module, it makes use of SB-9 (w/o fitness feature) or MIB-11 (w/ fitness feature)

Key Features are

  • Safe Module – Dual locking system (Electronic + Physical keys)
  • Receipt Module – Automatic receipts for each transaction
  • RF reader/ Fingerprint scanner – Easy access to machines
  • Sealing  Module  – Cash storage bags sealed automatically

    when the door’s open

  • Banknotes and more

MIB-D1 can deposit not only banknotes but also cheques & vouchers.

  • Online Monitoring System

Thanks to Online Monitoring System, safe and simple cash  management in any place at any time is now reality.

  • Overview
    • Proven Validator:

    MIB-D1 has SB-9 or MIB-11 (coming soon) as its validator.  Thus, its validation or other capability of SB-9 or MIB-11 are inherited to MIB-D1.   We also sell SB-9 and MIB-11 separately so that you can use it as a validator.  Special SW is installed to SB-9 and MIB-11, so that they can be used as a validator.    Engineers can design their own deposit machine with SB-9 (or MIB-11) installed as a validator.

    • Dimension:
    • Software: Dealers can setup their own GUI & Networking Environment with the SKD provided or can control the machines with the Operating Software which is already installed on the machine for individual usage.
  • Specification


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